The Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) is an internationally recognized set of standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These standards are essential for anyone looking to work in the maritime industry, ensuring the safety and competency of seafarers worldwide.

The STCW training program covers a wide range of topics and skills that are crucial for mariners, whether they work on commercial vessels, cruise ships, or in any other maritime capacity. Here are some key aspects of STCW training:

  1. Basic Safety Training (BST): This is the foundation of STCW training and includes modules on Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Firefighting, Elementary First Aid, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility. These courses are designed to prepare seafarers for emergency situations at sea.
  2. Advanced Firefighting: This course builds on the basic firefighting skills and covers more advanced techniques for dealing with onboard fires.
  3. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB): This training is essential for those who may need to launch and operate lifeboats and other survival craft during emergencies.
  4. Medical First Aid: It provides seafarers with the knowledge and skills to provide medical first aid on board in case of illness or injury.
  5. Security Awareness Training: In the modern maritime world, security is a top priority. This training ensures that seafarers are aware of and prepared for potential security threats.
  6. STCW Refresher Courses: To maintain their certification, mariners often need to undergo periodic refresher courses to stay up to date with the latest safety and security protocols.

For your WASH Maritime Training division, offering STCW courses throughout the Caribbean is a valuable service, especially considering the importance of safety at sea in the region. These courses play a critical role in ensuring that seafarers are well-prepared to respond to emergencies and maintain the safety of both crew and passengers.

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