Expert Witness

When it comes to maritime expert witnesses, it’s essential to have professionals who can provide expert testimony and insights in cases related to maritime safety and regulations. World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) International, has a strong reputation in providing safety training, including Safety at Sea and STCW courses in the Caribbean and throughout other areas of the world. Additionally, WASH international has extensive experience in working with attorneys on a variety of maritime-related cases.

Our expertise and vast experience in water rescue, maritime safety and affairs, and lifeguard certification positions our staff as a knowledgeable authority in these fields. In legal matters such as accidents at sea, compliance with safety regulations, or incidents involving maritime personnel, our organization provides expert witnesses who are well-versed in the relevant standards and practices. These experts are able to testify about safety protocols, training procedures, and industry best practices.

Moreover, our international presence with clients in over 30 countries could be particularly valuable in cases with cross-border implications or when dealing with international maritime law. Our expert witnesses could provide insights into how different countries approach safety and training in the maritime industry.

In summary, World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) International is well-equipped to offer maritime expert witness services, drawing upon your expertise in lifeguard and water rescue certification, as well as our extensive experience in providing safety training and STCW courses in the Caribbean and beyond. Our global reach and reputation make us a valuable resource in maritime legal matters.

Areas of Expertise

Pool, Lake, and Ocean Lifeguarding; Drowning Prevention; Drowning; Drowning Investigations; Submersion; Water Safety & Awareness; Swimming Pools; Rip Currents; Beach Safety, Swimming Accidents; Aquatic Accident Reconstruction; Maritime Accidents; Captain and Crew Responsibilities; Captain and Crew Training Requirements; Vessel Operations; Safety at Sea; PWC Operations; Seaworthiness; Navigation; Vessel Damage; Vessel Sinking; Man Overboard; Onboard Safety Equipment; Water Rescue from Vessel; Watersports Operations